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I   n e v e r   k n o w   w h y .   I   o n l y   k n o w   w h o .

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Doctor Who parallels - The Idiot’s Lantern / The Bells of Saint John

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gif meme:  tenth doctor + up close and personal

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Anonymous: "But a Time lord can choose the face and body they want, they can choose to look like someone they had meet before. Like with the 4th Doctor, Romana, his companion, a former Time lord lady Choose to copy the image of the princess, so it's very very very very very unlikely that what the previous anon said"

Not all of them can do that. At least not the Doctor. Or maybe he can, but he chooses not to and let it be a surprise.

For example, the War Doctor starts regenerating and says ‘I hope the ears are less conspicuous this time’, and then he turns into Nine, meaning that he had no control whatsoever on the appearance he’d get.

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